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Henry Ford designed the first mass production Automobile. His first version car the Model T was introduced in 1908. That car was one of the first to introduce a windshield product. However look at the rest of the car. Where is the glass. As years went by, car manufactures introduced more glass to the vehicle to keep the weather and wind out. Making the driving experience more pleasurable. 

Back in those days till around the 1950's the Glass used in cars were made of a safety plate called Laminated glass. In the Model A days, door glasses where introduced using a combination wood and regulator crank. Those were simple times, and glass was rather a simple replacement process. Nice chrome moldings on the door glass, and around the windshield. 

After 1950 or so car manufactures introduced curved windshields and tempered door glasses. To explain these products better go to our ANTIQUE GLASS description page.

Although much of the Antique glass and Classic glass is out of production, it is still available by many of our dealers. Many of the OEM manufactures do make these products on a short run basis. If you have a 1957 Chevy, chances are that you can even get a OEM windshield to show. But if you try to order one please requests this in our order form. 

If you are interested and would like to inquire about such products then please fill out our order form and we will put you in contact with a vendor that specializes in such products. In many cases the product can be cut to size, shipped, or ordered through us or a vendor nearest you. Let the Internet Glass Network work for you.

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