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Installation Guide for all Dodge Mirror Glass Replacement Product

Read this page and learn how to install your car mirror glass replacement
 only product

Its always such a hassle when you break your Dodge side view mirror. I myself have hit many a mailbox in my day that cracked the car mirror or the mirror assembly. Lots of people think they have to go to the Dodge dealership to get the whole assembly. In some cases you have to, but most of the time its just the glass itself that is broken. Why spend $550.00 dollars and up to have it replace the assembly by the dealer or a  when you can fix it yourself easily and affordably.

Did you ever notice the Dodge passenger side mirror always has the "objects are closer" text on the mirror. This mirror is designed this way to increase your field of vision and to eliminate the blind spot problem. Its always a good thing to replace that with a convex mirror glass replacement
 verses a normal mirror. Don't substitute this as one day it might save your life.

An Dodge glass only side view mirror is made of 2.2mm 1st surface mirror properties. This mirror is actually translucent. Meaning that light will travel through and absorb the light from the car behind you at night. USA Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Code 571.111 require this mirror to absorb 40 to 60 percent of light and convex mirror with a specific bend. However during the day during, the mirror is 100% reflective. We only sell mirrors that conform with DOT standards. Our mirrors are made in the USA, and all comply to US Standards. Beware of the 9 dollar mirror that you are seeing on sale these days on the internet, as these mirrors might not conform to USA standards.  Car or Truck mirrors should be installed using the car mirror to a plastic frame plate. Without this plastic frame the glass has nothing to rest into the car mirror housing. We do not suggest the use of normal bathroom silicone adhesive, which everyone has laying around at somewhere in their house or apartment. Latex type silicone does not adhere well to glass, but does to the plastic frame. We suggested using a construction silicone which is non latex based.  If you don't have any then get a small tube at your local hardware store, or order the tube online with us.

How to remove and replace your car mirror from the frame

Now how do you remove that old Dodge mirror to get the new one in. Well, you first must breakdown the mirror from the plate called a frame. One simple way to do this is to get a flat strong instrument like a wide screw driver or a automotive scraper. Not many of you have the scraper, but when you go to our order form page we could sell you one. Its a nice thing to have around your toolbox. Now to loosen the adhesive from the plate you must apply some heat. Ideally a propane torch is good, but if you have the wife's hairdryer or a heat gun that will also work. Heat up the mirror enough so that the adhesive behind the Dodge mirror will loosen get the screwdriver, putty knife, or the scraper under the mirror and pull all the broken pieces off the frame. Make sure you are wearing gloves and protective eyewear, oh, and its also a smart idea to put a small garbage bucket under the housing you are working on, so that the glass falls into the bucket and not on the ground. After the side view mirror glass replacement
 is removed, make sure all the mirror and adhesive is clean off the framed plate.

Once you have removed your Dodge side view mirror from the frame, you now need to apply the glue to the black frame. First thing to do is clean the glass with water. Do not use glass cleaner or any chemical related cleaner. Apply the glue outward so it extends past the lip of the frame. I call this the snow cone effect. Glue it in 5 spots. One in the middle and 4 in the middle corners.  Don't get too close to the frames edge, as it will ooze out of the frame, making a mess. If you order the silicone from us or have purchased a tube, cut a 3/8 inch diameter from the tip. Use Large dabs of the adhesive 3/8" inch wide by 1/2" outwards. Remember you are not installing a windshield that requires a strong adhesive. Once you have adhered the  mirror to the plate, get some easily removable tape, like masking tape, and tape the mirror around the mirror housing so that the mirror will not slide off the frame. This will also allow you to drive. Keep the tape on for 24 hours for cold climates and 5 hours in warm until the glue dries.

How To Try and Save your Heating element

 Many of you have heating elements behind the mirror. Some heated mirrors will have a heating element mark on the mirror. However to make sure you have a heating element, move the frame as much as you can to the side, and look behind the frame. You will notice wires going into the frame. This is a good indication you have a heated mirror. Best way to remove the heating element from the car mirror is to use a household hairdryer. This will not make your mirror not hot enough to melt the heating element. Then take a square utility razor, start at the corner, and slowly peal the element off the mirror being you are breaking down a rubber based spray adhesive. TAKE YOUR TIME removing the broken mirror from the heating element. Then reapply the element to the new mirrors using the silicone we sell  around the edge of the heating element onto the mirror, let it dry 24 hours. We also received an email from another customer that removed the element by brushing paint thinner over the heating element, letting it soak in for about 15 minutes, then pealing it off the mirror glass replacement
. However using the paint thinner can melt the plastic element. So brush it and keep it to the 15 minute limit as not to do damage to the element.   We have yet to try this, but nobody has yet to complain about this method.

  Installing a Electro chromatic Self Dimming Fit Over Car mirror.

The self dimming mirror was a revolutionary design created back in the early 90's on many high end vehicles which today is becoming a newer standard. The structure of this mirror is made up of 2 pieces of glass with a electro-chromatic liquid that is voltage charged to dim when light hits a sensor, making the mirror darken, thus the blinding effect of the vehicle behind you less severe. The lifespan of this product is around 8 to 12 year before you start to notice it turning black, rust, or distorted. Many of these failed mirrors if purchased through the dealer could cost between 400 to 500 dollars if still in production. Please note there are no aftermarket replacement for these mirrors, be careful if you see one online that say it does so. We have then created a mirror that is the only option other than finding one in a junk yard or dealership. Our mirrors are made of First Surface Chromium, that absorbs 40 percent of the light, as the dimming feature absorbed between 60 to 74 percent. So if you see mirrors being sold online, without mention of being made in the USA, then Asia sells a low grade Aluminum Oxide product that might absorb only 15%.Many will only sell the whole housing, and they have the same life expectancy as the one on your vehicle. We sell a self dimming fit over mirror that perfectly fits between the frame lip. Every self dimming mirror also had a heating element behind these mirrors. When replacing this mirror you are never to remove the old glass. We recommend that if you have a cracked or broken mirror, and you notice the liquid coming out of the mirror is to bring it to a car was and use the power spray wand they offer, and blast the frame, thus removing the liquid so to insure a proper bond of the silicone glue. To properly install this mirror, you are to dot the failed mirror with silicone, using a pattern of 1/4 inch dots 1/4 inch apart 1/2 inch from the frame edge. Apply the glue as it would look like it has the measles. By doing so, when you apply the new mirror between the inner frame lip, you have created a silicone page as the dots will connect forming the self made pad. The reason for doing this is to transfer the heat coming from the heating element behind the old mirror and to disperse the heat evenly throughout the mirror. If you just glued it in spots, then those areas will heat the new mirror and not the whole mirror. Do not use the circle pads that many companies give for installation as you will see circles on your new mirror as that will be the only area that will melt the ice, snow or fog. Do not hesitate calling us for further information on this installation. Our phone number is below, and you will be surprised your not calling the Philippines.

For more information please Click on the Model of your vehicle where you can order your Car or truck mirror today. We have all car mirrors in stock and ready to ship. If your looking for a Dodge  just the mirror we are the car mirror for cars shopping guide.

Problems with Dodge Mirror the have been reported.

1. The truck telescope mirror has had problems with breakage due to the length of the mirror from the Truck. If 2 of similar truck drive down the street, one may clip another, and on tight roads, while driving, the two shall meet. If this happens and your frame has popped out of the mirror do what you can to pick it up as Dodge sells the whole housing and if you thing you can buy just the frame, you out of luck. So pick the frame off the ground and call us for a replacement glass.

2. The drivers side Self Dimming mirrors have failed or turned black quicker than most Makes of cars. We have replaced mirror fit over on these vehicles in as little as 4 to 5 years old. Again, the dimming mirrors are always on the drivers side, not the passenger.

3. This is more of a footnote for the auto glass portion of the truck and not about car mirrors. The Backslider on the Dodge Ram Pickup has been know to leak due to improper bonding of the glue to the unit and the pinch weld. There is a Quiet Recall if you notice water in the back seat of this truck. Also causing this is the rear avoidance light seal on the roof of the truck has failed or the screws became lose.

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 Dodge 400 side view car mirror glass replacement
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 Dodge Aspen side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Aspen side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Avenger side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Challenger side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Charger side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Colt side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Colt Vista side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Coronet side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Dart side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Daytona side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Demon side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Detomaso side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Diplomat side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Dynasty side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Expo side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Intrepid side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Lancer side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Magnum side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Midnight side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Mirada side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Monaco side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Neon side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Omni side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Sapporo side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Shadow side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Shelby side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Spirit side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge St Regis Wagon side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Stealth side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Stratus side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Swinger side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Caravan mini van side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge D-50 side view pickup mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Dakota side view pickup mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Durango side view mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Grand Caravan side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Mini Ram side view truck mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Pickup side view truck mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Power Ram side view truck mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Ram Van side view truck mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Ram Pickup side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Rampage side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Royal mini van side view mirror glass replacement
 Dodge Sprinter side view car mirror glass replacement
 Dodge T-300 pickup side view mirror glass replacement
 Dodge RamCharger  side view mirror glass replacement
  Dodge Journey  side view mirror glass replacement

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