Fireplace Glass Replacement

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It's now approaching the dead of winter. Your fireplace has been cleaned, your wood has been chopped, and you are ready to stay warm through the cold winter months. Somehow, however, one of the panes of glass on your sliding glass doors has broken into a million pieces.  This creates an unsafe situation for you and your family.

Normal fireplace glass is made of high strength tempered glass. This glass is clear and can withstand the heat of your fireplace under normal conditions.  It can't be replaced with regular plate glass as a temporary solution. The only solution is a tempered glass or ceramic glass replacement. There are several reasons why your tempered glass has been damaged. A main reason is   fireplace glass failure due to thermal weakening. When the glass weakens, it will break into a million pieces in the same way that car door glass will shatter. Another reason is due to the expansion and contraction exceeding the metal partition on accepting the expansion of the glass. Sometimes, you simply hit the fireplace glass, accidentally, with an object. 

I  have been to Home Depot, Lloyds, and many fireplace retail stores. I found that these sliding glass units range in price from $150 to thousands of dollars. Why discard these sliding glass units when all you need is to replacement the broken piece of fireplace glass with a high strength tempered glass.

There are, however, other products that are available in replacement of tempered glass. If you own a wood burning stone, or if you have a  fireplace insert and the glass cracked verses breaking into a million pieces, then you need a ceramic product instead of tempered glass. If you own a wood burning stove, fireplace insert, or a ceramic glass product click here

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